Some might say it’s like the difference between a bruise and an injury. This is because injuries are more severe than bruises, which typically heal independently without medical treatment. While some bodily injuries can be repaired with surgery or stitches, personal injures may require intensive psychotherapy to repair emotional damage done by another person.

 Could you call a bruise caused by an accident on your bike “bodily,” or is it just another form of physical harm to be more specific for medical insurance purposes. The ambiguity in this question has led people to create two separate terms: Bodily Injury, meaning any wound from trauma, including but not limited to bruises, cuts that require stitches, broken bones (or other forms), internal bleeding, or organ damage.

Personal Injury refers explicitly only to those covered under someone’s liability policy, such as car accidents with no additional coverage like uninsured motorist protection.

What does a personal injury claim cover?

Well, it can be for any number of things. There are so many different ways that accidents happen, and some injuries will not show up immediately, while others seem to take their toll very quickly. You may have been in an accident at work or just walking down the street when something happened, and you were hurt pretty bad! It doesn’t matter whether your employer had anything to do with this workplace accident by providing unsafe equipment (hint: they probably didn’t) because we’ll still help out if there was negligence on somebody’s part, which is all too common these days since everyone has enough money. Still, time sometimes people slack off on safety or don’t care as much about other people’s lives.

What happens if you get hurt at the park? Personal injury claims are typically filed to cover medical bills, property damage, or emotional, physical harm.

You’re playing a game of volleyball, and someone spikes it over your head; what do you think about next when it comes to filing for compensation from an employer’s insurance company? Of course, many people would be happy with winning their case in court, but not all cases go that way. Be sure to consider these three things before proceeding: First off, does this employee have any other potential sources of income (like workers’ comp)? Second, workers Comp was explicitly created to protect against workplace accidents, making sure there is no overlap between those two types of coverage; otherwise, they will only offer up one variety! 

Personal injury law is a field of law that deals with injuries to individuals. For example, if you are injured because someone else’s negligence, assault, or battery caused your damages, then this type of legal protection gives you recourse for compensation and justice.

Personal injury cases cover a wide range from injuries due to truck accidents on public roads up to slip-and-fall claims in commercial property disputes when company employees negligently handle hazardous materials while working at their place of employment.

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